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Top 10 Bizarre Theories

Paranormal Pilgrims top 10 Bizarre Theories

You don’t have to look far to find an outlandish theory on the net, from Finland not existing, Keanu Reeves being a vampire and aliens killing JFK, there are plenty of wacky and bizarre claims out there to make you think, laugh or fear for someone's sanity!

I’ve rounded up my top 10 for your perusal, I hope you enjoy them!

10. Elvis didn’t die in 1977

Since his death in 1977, many have refused to believe that the King actually passed away.

Speculation of this started on the day of his funeral, when attendees (and even some members of his own family) commented that the body in the open casket didn’t look like Elvis. Supposedly, some of his features didn’t quite match and his face looked like a wax dummy, complete with beads of wax sweat.

Claims then surfaced that Elvis faked his death and was given a new identity after becoming an FBI informant to take down drug gangs. Since then, numerous sightings and reports have been documented, including Elvis at a restaurant eating with bodyguards, working as a groundsman at the Graceland estate or simply walking down the street & standing in line at the local store.

For a man intent on keeping a low profile, many of the sightings include him wearing his trademark hairstyle and glasses or even the iconic white jumpsuit!

Obviously struggling to stay out of the spotlight, he also managed to land a role in 1990’s Home Alone…

Elvis in Home Alone

09. Michael Jackson was innocent…and didn’t die in 2009

A grown man sharing his bed with children and enjoying “private time” without adults present.

If it were Garry Glitter or Jimmy Saville there would be alarm bells ringing, but in this case, the only alarm bells were from the motion detectors Jackson installed in the hallway leading to his bedroom. Why did he have this? We can only speculate, but perhaps it was to give him enough time to moonwalk into his secret room, lock its three deadbolts & hide.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's department found a stockpile containing hundreds of pornographic photos, books and videos in this secret room, including transgender, bondage and young male erotica. The most extreme material contained child torture and animal sacrifices, but his popularity was so strong, the fans simply refused to believe it.

17 children have accused the star of child molestation since 1989 and Jackson spent a whopping $35 million to silence a portion of them. Because court cases never went the distance, fans argue that he remains innocent until proven guilty in court…Strangely, Jimmy Saville, who also avoided court while alive, didn’t get the same courtesy?

Even the accuser’s detailed and accurate descriptions of Jackson’s genitalia weren’t enough to sway opinion, and his music and achievements are still celebrated around the world today.

When Michael died in 2009, rumors surfaced that he faked his own death to escape the press, financial difficulties, and his accusers. A video emerged (now proved fake) of him exiting the coroner’s van when it arrived at the morgue.

A Border official supposedly witnessed Jackson crossing the Californian/Mexican border just before his death. As Jackson’s appearance was very “unique”, it’s unlikely that the official confused him with someone else, however the claim lost credibility when Jackson reportedly crossed the border backwards, span around and grabbed his crotch in celebration.

Dave-Dave, a child burns victim who suffered awful injuries and scars at the hands of his father, was befriended by Jackson in the early 80s. Some claim that MJ later used makeup and prosthetics to borrow this identity as a disguise to hide from the press and experience a “normal” life. Dave-Dave did share similar characteristics and strangely the same voice, but this is still a far-fetched claim. Dave-Dave died in 2018.

Michael apparently Popped up in the background of an Instagram post of his daughter Paris, wearing his trademark hat. Fans claim that it’s clear to see but it doesn’t exactly jump out at you. There could be someone behind her, but is it really Michael?

See what you think.

And finally, some have suggested that he is in hiding and ready to make a Jesus/resurrection style comeback when the time is right. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s also the most believable when you think of MJ’s previous stunts and behavior.

08. Stanley Kubrick helped NASA fabricate the moon landings

The theory goes that during the filming of his masterpiece, 2001 A Space Odyssey, the Director was approached by NASA for a top-secret project to film fake moon landings for Apollo 11 & 12.

Apparently impressed with Kubrick’s front projection filming techniques, NASA worked with the Director to create fake footage and imagery because of four proposed reasons –

1) The US were so desperate to win the space race that they created a set and faked the landing to do it. They did eventually get to the Moon, just not when they claim they did.

2) The real footage was either damaged, the equipment didn’t work, or it just wasn’t clear enough to use.

3) The astronauts arrived at the moon but either saw or met something that they couldn’t show to the World. Alien bases? Alien observers? A surface made of cheese? Who knows.

4) It all came down to marketing, publicity, and financial gain. The US wanted to make a show of the event for the World’s tabloids and TV, so used an expert to do it. This is the home of Hollywood, so quite plausible… but would they really resort to that?

Kubrick never commented on this conspiracy, but followers of the theory claim that he left clues in The Shining, as it was the only way that he could vent the burden of this deep, dark secret.

Kubrick and the moon landings

07. Dinosaurs never existed

A popular belief with religious groups as it plays havoc with the story of creation and dating the Earth. Difficult for them to admit (perhaps due to the risk of making the bible sound unbelievable or something), many actually think that the dinosaurs were invented purely to scare children and to keep people on the moral straight an narrow…or was that the concept of Hell? I get confused.

Despite the discovery of many fossils and bones, to some, dinosaurs are simply put in the same mythical category as dragons, which is interesting, as the dragon myth was likely fuelled by our ancestor’s discovery of dinosaur fossils?

There is actually a Christians Against Dinosaurs group, known as the CADMinistry, which has been lobbying to remove dinosaurs from the school curriculum for many years. They believe that the dinosaur theory was created to “undermine the Christian faith and to make millions of dollars by creating fake fossils”.

06. The Illuminati and the NWO

The Illuminati, from the Latin illuminatus (to be revealed or enlightened) are believed to be a secret group of individuals who have access to hidden knowledge or power and intend to use it to take over governments and control the Earth through their New World Order.

The Illuminati are often linked to the Freemasons, however, as a member of the freemasons myself, unless they intend to take over the world by consuming lots of alcohol and running charity dinners, I fail to see it. The Illuminati are said to have infiltrated powerful positions in government (again, this rules out the freemason’s involvement, as the members I know tend to be plumbers or painter & decorators), and you can apparently see their symbol, the Eye of Providence, hidden all around us.

The best proposed evidence of the Illuminati and New World Order so far, comes from the suggestion that they introduced “Woke” to society, to cause discord, confusion and unbalance, creating an opportunity for them to introduce their NWO as a way to save the human race.

There could be something in this – as a child, did you ever think we’d be struggling to answer if women had penises and men had wombs, or having 56 (at the time of writing this) gender terms to identify ourselves?

The Illuminati may have introduced woke to bring us to the brink of collapse, but, after supposedly being active since the 15th Century, the closest they’ve got to spreading their New World Order is through these guys…

New World Order

05. Putin is an Alien

This theory has been speculated for some time and strangely, even addressed and denied by Putin himself.

Apparently, depending on which conspiracy you choose to follow, Vladimir Putin is either a reptilian alien or controlled by reptilian aliens.

The idea that Reptilians have lived amongst us has been around for decades but gained ground in 1983 when the TV series V gave birth to a new breed of conspiracy nuts.

Putin’s behavior and appearance has often been compared to that of a lizard – his lack of facial expressions, minimal use of verbal communication, territorial, aggressive, self-absorbed, but it’s also possible that he has some mental issues or is just an arrogant arsehole with a power complex.

On the plus side, if he is working with Reptilians, they’re as useless as he is when it comes to war and intelligent thinking. Russia is apparently a great superpower with fantastic military might, yet their inability to win the Ukraine war and heavy reliance on propaganda to gain support from their own people, shows them to be a weak and dysfunctional nation.

04. The Mandela effect

The Mandela effect gained it’s name after people questioned the date and cause of Nelson Mandela’s death.

Many came forward to say that they don’t have any memory of his release from prison, his work in ending apartheid, his Presidency of South Africa or his death in 2013. Instead, they have a clear memory that he died in prison during the 1980s.

With history telling a different story to memory, what could people do? Admit and accept that they were mistaken? Or consider that the Earth had been reset due to a catastrophe or maybe collided with an alternative reality, pulling people from one dimension into the other? Yes of course, they chose the latter.

Examples of the Mandela effect have grown ever since, and now include other changes or oddities, which are mainly identified in TV, film and popular culture.

Slight alterations to logos or theme tunes, different actors playing roles that were supposedly played by someone else, rewording of lines in movies or songs, costume alterations, design changes…

That said, I have since experienced my own oddity with the Mandela effect – Derek Jacobi.

I clearly remember him dying and the news reports surrounding his death, but (at the time of writing this) he is still alive?

What causes these false memories?

And if our brains can convince us that these things happened, what else are they creating or hiding from us?

03. Aliens are working with the US Government

Aliens working with the USA

There is a theory that aliens have not only made contact with the Earth but are working with or alongside the US government at Area 51 and other hidden bases.

The claims vary, but the relationship is either:

Collaborative – Technology share in return for resources (or even people) that the aliens need.

Openly giving – The Alien race is providing technology, knowledge, or advice willingly to advance the human race and don’t want anything in return.

Aggressively taking (US) – The American government have captured or imprisoned survivors of a crash and keep them alive in return for technology and knowledge.

Aggressively taking (Alien species) – The Aliens are the ones in control. They allow humans to live in return for our servitude, promise to defend our planet from another race in return for our allegiance or have taken control of the government/live amongst us and already control us without our knowledge.

If any of the above is true, we have to question a number of things.

1) Of all the nations on the planet, why collaborate with the Americans? If the aliens have been to Earth before and interacted with our ancient ancestors, wouldn’t they naturally be drawn to return to those areas rather than the US?

2) The United States is a dangerous and unstable place. On average, 316 people in America are shot every day, it still struggles with racism and homophobia, and someone is sexually assaulted over there every 68 seconds.

Would an advanced alien race choose that country over the other options on Earth? Surely, they would approach a nation who shows the best promise or closest fit to their own ideals?

The fact that they are the most powerful nation shouldn’t even come into the equation, as a country the size of San Marino could become the most powerful overnight with the support & backing of an advanced alien race?

3) If an alien race is working with the US government, they don’t care much about the Earth and likely see the planet and it’s inhabitants as nothing more than a resource to drain.

If they did care, wouldn’t they have steered the US away from gun violence and encouraged the nation (which is currently the second biggest polluter of the World), to be the driving force in sustainability and environmental care?

02. Tik-Tok time travellers

We’ve all seen them. Like something out of a crap Terminator rip off, they’ve come from Earth’s future, not to save us, but to blab about upcoming events and catastrophes via the only serious platform that seems to matter in their time… Tik-Tok.

If these so-called time travellers are real, we have a serious problem in the future that jeopardises our entire existence.

When humanity (or a future government body) discovers this amazing ability to travel through time, there has either been a serious breach in screening their time travellers or the technology has been stolen and used by idiots capable of destroying us all.

Would a government body responsible for such dangerous technology, so fragile that a slight alteration in the timeline could erase key people, events, or decisions from existence, let a person with no talent for keeping under the radar loose in the past, willing to tell anyone who will listen about the future?!

If this was a controlled government project, why are trained and intelligent agents so obsessed with self-publicising who they are, and why are they so willing to alter & destroy our history for financial gain and followers on tiktok??

If these time travellers are the real deal…God help us all.

01. We’re living in the Matrix

We’re living in a simulation.

Everything around you is false and the real you (if you even have a body) is sitting somewhere else with an HDMI cable in your head (or up your arse).

The belief is, we have either:

1) Suffered some type of disaster in the future and AI keeps our consciousness alive with a projection of happier times.

2) We have been taken over by a higher intelligence that keeps our bodies alive like cattle, but our consciousness is kept occupied with a false reality.

3) We don’t exist at all – maybe we did once but now live in a computer simulation, or we were created by another being and have always lived as a simulation with no real physical form.

4) We’re in stasis for some reason (maybe for our own protection?) and what seems like a lifetime is actually only a short period of time in the real reality, that is temporarily blocked from our memories during this simulation.

As bizarre as it all sounds, it is a possibility.

People have reported seeing glitches in their day to day lives that they just can’t explain, and maybe Déjà vu is a glitch or memory connection to our real lives?

The people that you interact with, even your own family, could be computer generated and not real people at all?

What if there are only a small group of “real” humans alive in the matrix?

…What if I’m the only real person in the matrix!? Writing top 10 lists and articles to myself and following pretend people on facebook and Instagram??

I hope you enjoyed this article, please like, comment, and share as it’ll encourage me to write more!

Until the next time.

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