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  • Do you run investigations?
    Yes, although they aren't in the style of a "Ghost Hunt" that many have become accustomed to. I'm very much against showcasing or making money from investigations - all of the investigations that I've taken part in are for private clients and from invitation only, I've never been charged to take part and would never charge anyone else for joining me in an investigation (They're giving up their free time to assist, why would I charge?). The aim is to identify, confirm and record a haunting and if needed, help anyone struggling with a maleficent entity.
  • Can anyone sign up to take part in your investigation?
    Yes, although spaces on the team are obviously limited. The bigger the team, the harder it is to focus and seperate natural phenomena from supernatural phenomena. Private clients aren't always keen to have large or noisy groups in their properties and we respect that.
  • There are Paranormal Pilgrim podcasts on spotify & audible - Is this you?
    No, different guy, same name. He's very good though, I recommend that you listen to his show "Land of the Shadow People" as it covers a whole range of paranormal topics and you can share your own stories with him by contacting We both offer something different (thank God!) but I've since become a big fan of his work and he has my respect and support. More than happy to give him a plug on this website.
  • Do you accept guest bloggers on your website?
    Absolutely! Accept and support them. Being a writer isn't easy, so if I can help them to get established or boost their presence on the web, happy to do so. I'm also after a regular writer or two for this site (especially if you have a paranormal speciality), so get in touch if you want to join the team!
  • Do you have a YouTube channel?
    No. As much as I would love to branch out that side, I'm just more of a writer than a presenter. I've seen various channels on there with a computerised voice or presented by someone who has the personality of a wet mop, and it worries me that I would end up the same way! For now, I will keep my dignity and stick to a form of media that i'm comfortable with but you never know...especially when I start running low on money and blog views 😆
  • Do you support or collaborate with other groups, investigators and websites?
    Yes, I have done and if they're a good match for me, I will again. I'm happy to promote other groups, websites or events through my channels if they have similar views or want to share information with the wider community.
  • When it comes to the paranormal, is there anything you question or don't believe in?
    I question everything (I wouldn't be much of a researcher if I didn't) but yes, there are some things I struggle to believe in. Vampires, werewolves, Tic-Tok timetravellers, psychic readings, zombies, the Devil/Satan (ever noticed how American TV shows always try to link supernatural activity back to Satan?). That's not to say that the door is entirely closed on these but it will take some convincing for me to fully open it!
  • Do you sell merchandise?
    Paranormal Pilgrim has a range of tees and hoodies, they're just not advertised on the website yet. But you can help with that! If you're a photogenic guy or girl and willing to send me some pictures of you wearing our branded clothing, I'm happy to send you the item to keep! The more eye catching the better, as the best will be displayed on the website and you could become the next cover model for the goth or paranormal community (you never know!)
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