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Martian Reborn: The strange story of Boriska Kipriyanovich

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Boriska Kipriyanovich past life on Mars

Born in Volgograd, Russia in 1996, Boriska was an exceptional child.

As a baby, his mother noted that he was very alert and aware of his surroundings. He was able to hold his head up unassisted after just a couple of weeks and developed faster than most children; learning to talk, read, draw and paint all before the age of two.

His teachers noted that he had a remarkable memory and developed a fascination with space and the planetary systems, displaying knowledge that far exceeded his age group, all before his mother or teachers had introduced him to the topic.

In a 2007 interview, his mother revealed that Boriska would speak about Mars and its ancient civilization as soon as he could talk. By the time he was 11, he was having in depth discussions on the topic with adults and when questioned about his knowledge, calmly explained that he was a Martian pilot thousands of years previously.

The boy described how he had lived on Mars and had made trips to Earth as it was linked to the Egyptian and now lost lemurian civilizations. He went on to describe the Martians as being exceptionally tall compared to humans, with an average height of 7ft. Breathing mostly carbon dioxide, the Martians would use breathing apparatus when visiting Earth and aged very slowly, often ceasing to show signs of aging after 30.

When asked about the starships that he flew, Boriska confirmed that his race were capable of interstellar travel and had two types of ship. Interstellar ships were ion powered and others, mainly used for planetary based or short distance space travel, used energy based power sources. Unlike the traditional saucer shape seen in popular culture, Boriska explained that the Martian ships were more teardrop in design.

He went on to explain that the civilization was preparing a new source of energy to combat dwindling planetary resources but a nuclear war between two fractions broke out before completion and decimated the planet. With many dead, the remaining inhabitants were forced to move underground in order to survive.

Boriska claims that the secrets of the Martian civilization and its history with Earth will be revealed when the Great Sphinx of Giza is unlocked using a mechanism behind it’s ear.

Sphinx secret chambers

Since his childhood revelations, nobody has seen or heard from Boriska Kipriyanovich, now a man in his mid-20s. Some say that he is living in a remote village under the protection of the Russian government, others say that he is now in Moscow trying to live a normal life.

Whatever the truth, nobody has been able to locate or interview him since.

Further investigation:

Some of Boriska’s claims may hold credibility in science and other documented cases.

If there were humanoids on Mars, they would indeed be taller, as their hearts wouldn’t have to fight such strong gravity to pump blood throughout their body.

The atmosphere on Mars is mostly Carbon Dioxide and 100 times thinner than Earth. If a Martian visited our planet, they would need breathing apparatus to survive.

New Scientist proposed Ion energy as a future and more sustainable power source for spacecraft in a 2009 article.

In 1984, the CIA conducted remote viewing experiments with the aim to time travel to ancient Mars and collect information on the planet and it’s civilization.

The now declassified document explains that a psychic, under the CIAs direction, used remote viewing techniques to explore the planet’s ancient structures and inhabitants.

Despite it being a slow and uncertain process, the psychic reporting seeing pyramid structures and very large people in strange outfits.

The Martians were facing some type of environmental catastrophe and were aware that their time was coming to an end. They were sending out scout parties to embark on a mission to find a new home.

CIA records show that these remote viewing experiments had ended by the 1990s citing a failure to prove or find sufficient information.

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