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Mandela effect - Derek Jacobi

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Derek Jacobi Mandela effect

Now, as I write this I realise that I'm immediately stepping into potential ridicule, but need to ask the question...Do you, like me, clearly remember the death of prominent thespian Derek Jacobi around the time of 2020-21?

I can remember waking up to the radio announcements in the morning, I can remember watching Huw Edwards cover the headline and provide the obituary on BBC News and I can remember hearing and reading the condolence messages from fellow actors, including Sir Ian McKellen.

But most of all, I remember this as Derek Jacobi had been a close part of my life through TV and film, so I was deeply saddened by the news. From his work on stage and iconic TV roles in I, Claudius, Cadfael & Dr Who, through to his memorable apperances in Hollywood movies such as Gladiator, the King's Speech, Tomb Raider and Murder on the Orient Express, he had became a regular (and comforting) face on screen.

...So imagine my shock and confusion to find out, for the first time on the 16th March 2023, he was not only alive but starring in an upcoming film!!

Now before you say it, no I haven't got confused with Sir Ian Holm who also died around the early 2020's - I clearly remember both of them dying. In fact, Ian Holm died first, as I had that thought of "another Thespian gone" when I heard the new of Jacobi.

To add to the confusion, when, in my memory, I was coming to terms with the news of his passing, I clearly remember making a light hearted joke that Vicious was an awful shitcom which may have contributed to his death... Yet the people I told this joke to, now have no recollection of the joke or the conversation?!

For many years, having never experienced the Mandela effect, I have questioned stories such as this and even mocked reports as just confusion or arrogance in refusing to believe their mistake. But I am 100% sure that this happened. It wasn't a dream, it was as clear as when I heard that Ray Liotta or the Queen had died...they did die right?

So what the hell happened here?

How can I remember this so vividly if it never took place?

And more importantly, can anyone please back me up on this??

Please leave your comments and thoughts.

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