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Ghosts: The best evidence caught on camera

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The only way to prove paranormal events and turn sceptics into believers is to provide evidence. Sadly, despite our best efforts to encourage a full blown apparition to appear on live TV and tell us of the life beyond, they are either unwilling or unable to cooperate.

So until Marlon Brando and Elizabeth I make a guest appearance on the One Show, we've put together some of the best supernatural snaps for your enjoyment.


The eternal love of a husband

A now famous photo from the 90's but still unexplainable. This photo was taken by the daughter of the old lady in the picture during a day trip. The lady, a widow battling with early stage dementia, would often talk to her late husband throughout the day.

Although nobody saw him at the time of the photograph, when the daughter had these pictures developed, she immediately identified her dead father standing in the background!

ghosts caught on camera

Nosey neighbour?

Natasha Oliver captured this image in 2010 while hanging out with friends in Wem, Shropshire. The teens were enjoying World Cup celebrations after the England match when they posed for this group photo on the lawn.

The house behind them was undergoing extensive renovation, so it had been unoccupied for quite some time. However, you can clearly see a figure looking down on them from the window.

Spotting the figure immediately after the photo, the teens presumed that someone was spying on them, so scaled the scaffold to confront the person. When they investigated, they not only saw that the house was empty but realised that the upstairs floor was missing too!

Girls’ (fright) night:

This photo, taken in October 2020, shows a group of ladies enjoying a get together at their friend's flat in Coventry.

With the drinks flowing, they decided to pose for a picture, not realising that an unexpected visitor had appeared behind them, just in time for the group photo!

There were 8 people present in the flat and one of them was taking the photo…how many do you see?

Fright night! Terrifying ghost photobomb

The group noticed the figure immediately after they took the photo but were unable to find a natural explanation.

Did the ghostly figure appear to remind them that the country was in lockdown at the time? A supernatural warning that they were clearly breaching covid rules?

If it did, it failed to keep a 2-metre distance…

Family photo…is everybody here? Hand count please!

An innocent family photo, but who’s hand is on the father’s right shoulder??

Thanks to Qbaxter77 for submitting this photo.

Roundhay Park, West Yorkshire

The Islam family were enjoying a bank holiday excursion to Roundhay Park, near Leeds when they took this snap in 2015.

The kids were posing in front of a folly, a fake ruin built in 1812 as a character piece for the property. It was a busy day, so the family patiently waited for the folly to clear in order to get the perfect shot.

They took multiple shots during this small window of opportunity, yet one picture shows a very strange figure in the background...

The figure wasn’t seen by any of the family at the time of the photo.

Air Mechanic Freddy Jackson:

This photograph is of an RAF squadron taken in 1919 at HMS Daedalus, a training station in Hampshire.

It shows the face of mechanic Freddy Jackson behind another airman on the top row.

Freddy died in hospital from horrific injuries after he walked into a whirling propeller (the accident took place near to the location of this photo). Although Freddy died in 1918, he still made it back for the squadron photograph!

Sir Victor Goddard first shared this evidence in 1975 and despite writers confusing or adding in details over the years, the picture has yet to be debunked.

As a side note, contrary to popular belief this wasn’t Goddard’s own squadron. The photo was passed on to him from another source as a feature for his book.

Geoffrey Way & Blake Smith have done some great research into this case, so visit Skeptic magazine if you would like to find out more. Special thanks to Way & Smith for locating and sharing Jackson’s death certificate.

Tree climbing ghost:

Laura Watson was enjoying a Bank Holiday picnic with her family at Plessey Woods Country Park, Northumberland when this photo was taken in 2018.

As the kids let of steam after the picnic, Laura captured the moment that they climbed a nearby tree…unaware of the frightening figure that accompanied them.

Although the family dogs were present, none of them acted strangely or picked up on anything odd at the time.

Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool

This shot was taken at the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital (a former Victorian orphanage) during a ghost hunt event in Liverpool, hosted by Haunted Happenings in 2016.

Despite a team of 32 ghost hunters at the location, none of them picked up on the strange woman that joined their social media photograph before the event.

Birthday Party Pooper:

While celebrating her daughter’s 10th birthday in 2014, Sally Watts caught an uninvited guest in the mirror at their home in Brynhyfryd, North Wales.

All children were accounted for at the time and apart from the photographer, nobody was standing next to or behind Ms Watts during the photo.

Interestingly, the family were haunted by the ghost of a boy at their previous home…did the same spirit invite himself to the daughter’s party?

Highway selfie bomb:

This image was taken in July 2016 while travelling on the highway near Orlando, Florida.

There were only two people in the car at the time, yet a boy can clearly be seen sitting on the back seat behind the teenager...

That stretch of highway was the scene of a traffic accident involving a boy the previous year and the girl wasn’t wearing her seatbelt at the time – could it be a supernatural warning to belt up?

While we’re covering car photo bombs, here’s another one of interest.

During a trip to Paradise Public Fishing with her grandparents and brother in Georgia USA, teen Haley Ogletree took this innocent selfie.

Behind her we can clearly see her brother…and someone else who wasn’t part of the fishing party…

Tantallon Castle, North Berwick, East Lothian

The castle is well known for its supernatural activity but these two pictures, taken more than 30 years apart, may provide evidence to support the claims!

This photo was taken by Grace Lamb in the 1970s. It shows her late husband Hugh and two children, Paul and Kelly, posing for a photo during a family day out to the castle. The strange shape in the barred window behind wasn’t noticed at the time…could it be a supernatural photobomb?

Ghost captured at Tantallon Castle

Our second picture, taken in the same area in May 2008, appears to show a man or woman wearing a ruff, looking through the same barred window…

Tantallon Castle Ghost

Christopher Aitchison, the visitor who took the photograph said: "I was not aware of anyone or anything being present at the time, only noticing the anomaly when I got home. I did not notice any nice old ladies wearing ruffs walking around the stairs!”

Many pictures out there tend to show a connection to an individual - hands on shoulders or an attachment to the person they lurk behind...Could the spirit be influencing or guiding them in some way?

If so, are they guiding with good intentions or bad?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting on this post or continuing the discussion in our Forum!


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