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Is your life charmed? How Reincarnation steers luck and opportunity in the present

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

past lives and reincarnation

They say you make your own luck in life and to a certain degree that’s true, but it’s also a fact that people have an advantage over others when it comes to achieving happiness and success. The social class or wealth of your family, your race, sex, country, health, religion and even the love of your parents all play a pivotal role in shaping your life and prospects from the moment you’re born.

And the 21st Century adds an additional pressure on all of us, as we are now a world obsessed with acceptance, likes and comments on social media. The desire for attention has led to surgery, procedures or photoshop tweaks to improve beauty, some change gender in the hope that it will lead to a happier life, or their pronouns to stand out and confuse old people.

But the one constant desire that everyone craves is wealth.

Money doesn’t buy happiness – very true, but it does pay off your mortgage, clear your debts, pay for the best education, attract the opposite sex, allow you to have a better lifestyle than others and give you financial security. So, while you’re drowning your sorrows in Champagne wondering what it’s like to be destitute, raise a glass to the rich fool who came up with that saying.

We all yearn for things to go our way in life, nobody wants to struggle or experience sadness and desperation. But what if I told you that our lives and our luck may be predetermined?

overrated and talentless

At some point in our lives, we’ve all questioned how some can achieve fame, fortune, or popularity with little or no talent.

You may have devoted your time, money, and effort into academic study, sacrificing your family and friends to improve your income or career prospects…only to see that someone without any education is making more money than you…

Or perhaps you’re single and struggle to find love, while others seem to attract partners with minimal effort?

I married a ballbag

...And still attract them in their later years, while you can barely attract the attention of your nurse...

If you believe in karma, could it be that we carry the consequences of a previous life or lives into the present? Maybe you deceived or mistreated others in your past life and are now on the receiving end to experience what that feels like? If you were rich and successful in one life, maybe you’re now poor? Perhaps you once turned heads, but you now blend into the background or struggle to get attention?

If that’s the case, we are cursed to experience these lessons of karma without the recollections of our former selves to appreciate them. But if we did remember, would we truly learn?

Bonnie Page, psychic medium at the Heaven Healing and Learning Center, Massachusetts, firmly believes that past experiences play a part in shaping your present situation,

“Past-life karma is looked at and evaluated on many levels. Your soul wants to experience many different scenarios with families, economic conditions from poor to rich or vice versa, social status, spiritual and individuals’ beliefs. Your soul goes through many lifetimes in the hope of spiritual and soul growth.”

But this process, according to Bonnie, isn’t chosen for us. We chose the form and life that our reincarnate is born into, fully aware of the hardships & limitations that come with it,

“It’s hard to imagine that we choose the life we are currently in, but that’s the way it works. You chose your parents, siblings and the circumstances that create your world now…”

It sounds far fetched but maybe there is something in this? Improving our soul to achieve some type of higher level, collecting points (to put it simply) in order to “level up” to a higher plane of existence?

We already devote hours of our lives on simple pleasures & improvements. Upgrading homes, gardens & vehicles, devoting time and effort to upgrade our looks, upgrading our knowledge and career prospects through study? And Gamers literally spend hours chasing points for that level up advancement!

But why would we put our souls through that?

Well, a lifetime to a soul may just be a short experience if the soul is infinite? To bring it back to basics, one life in a succession of many, may just be viewed like a gamer would view a videogame level – it can be difficult and frustrating, you have your favourite parts and you have parts that you dread, but your determination to get through it and reach the next stage keeps you focused.

But there is a flaw or at least questions to Bonnie Page’s theory.

If, as she says, we get to choose the circumstances and life that we reincarnate into, would a soul really want to return into a life of suffering, repression or hardship? Or be born again into an abusive family? And why would any afterlife system built on serenity, peace and love contribute to that process?

What are your views?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

If so, is there's a purpose to the process as Bonnie Page suggests?

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