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Alien arrival! Of course we have a plan...

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Alien invasion

The Aliens are coming!!

…Or so we’re led to believe from articles on UFO and paranormal websites every week for the past 25 years.

So why is it that an advanced alien species with superior technology and interstellar travel, are taking their sweet time to arrive?

Are the websites and social media accounts posting this information really risking their credibility with elaborate storytelling, or have the alien visitors stopped off on route to do something else?

But more importantly, if they do arrive…are we ready for them??

Well, as ever, Paranormal Pilgrim are here to explore more and ask the important questions in preparation for their big arrival:

Would an advanced species want to make contact with humans?

Alien arrival

The truth is, we have no idea what to expect from intelligent life in the universe. The mere term “intelligent life” is working off criteria that we’ve put in place, with the assumption that we are intelligent beings, but how is that really measured?

The basic definition is a being that “has the ability to think, understand, and learn things” (Collins dictionary) but that can include dogs and monkeys who (admittedly, have both been into space so one up on me) don’t tend to be categorized on the same level as a human being.

By human standards, it really means an awareness and level of intelligence marked by our advancement in science, technology, morality, and communication. But remember that this is only measured by our comparisons with other (known) life forms on Earth, when you add in a comparison with all life in the universe, we may actually score quite low, maybe just sitting in an advanced animal level?

If we are only lurking in that category, it will narrow down the odds of more intelligent life having the desire to visit or make contact considerably, the equivalent of humans wanting to go and visit wild dogs, a great white shark or gorillas – sure, they’ll be interesting to see up close, but there’s also the risk that they’ll bite your face off.

There is also clear evidence in our society that we don’t mix well with other creatures or each other. We’ve had roughly 300,000 years on this planet to evolve, accept each other, work together to improve our lives and create a safe and secure environment. Yet we still fight amongst ourselves, judge and exclude other humans because of their appearance, race or beliefs, rape, murder, steal and abuse, destroy our environment and contribute towards the suffering & extinction of other lifeforms on our planet.

If we don’t accept or look after each other, how would we treat an alien society and would we respect their people and culture when we don’t even respect our own?

Who would be the representative and spokesperson for Earth?

This is an extremely important decision and one that should be in place way before the inevitable happens – one clear way to shut us off from intelligent life in the universe forever, is for aliens to make contact and then have the egos of World leaders start a pissing contest that turns into World War 3.

If Hollywood is anything to go by, the US President is our spokesperson. Are you worried about that?

You should be.

At the time of writing this article, the last President was Donald Trump and the current President is Joe Biden. Joe can’t remember his own name half the time and struggles to walk up a flight of steps, do you really want him talking on your behalf and being the poster boy for humanity?

Is the US really the best example of human society, peace and intelligence? They have a mass shooting at least once a month, still struggle with racism, still can’t show a naked breast on network television, have high pollution levels and the majority of their education is focused on their own Country – can they really represent the World when they don’t know anything about the countries or cultures in it?

What can we really offer a race that is superior to our own?

An alien race with the ability of interstellar travel. They can explore and visit any planet, so why would they come to ours? What would be their intentions? Well, lets break it down into these logical possibilities…

Using our history to review first contact and interactions with less advanced cultures:

Human history has taught us one thing. The less advanced civilization never gets a good deal.

The removal of indigenous people from their land, destruction of property, theft of property, drain of local resources, slavery, abolishment of religion/beliefs or practices, enforcement of new laws, racial restrictions and inequality, forced labour, genocide.

This is how humans act.

Would a superior intelligence act differently? Perhaps. But what would they gain?

They’ll be entering a world that, in their view, has been abused and neglected by its inhabitants and in need of correction. They’ll see the Human race killing and deceiving each other, can we be trusted?

They’ll see beings who struggle to decide on and accept their own gender, are we really ready to understand complex knowledge and teachings?

Do they want to devote the time, attention, commitment, and resources in guiding us to a higher level? What’s in it for them?

Earth as a zoo or science experiment:

This is an interesting hypothesis that has been raised before and would explain why we only have occasional reports of UFO sightings and alien encounters without the open/worldwide follow up contact with humanity. They see us as creatures in a zoo or animals in a lab and only make contact when they need to.

To them, we are no different than a tiger in a cage or a rat in a lab – a captured creature to observe, maybe a test subject in their research or an animal in a sanctuary.

Earth may not even be our planet of origin. Maybe the Earth is one giant sanctuary in space, containing animal life forms gathered from all over the galaxy? It’s a possibility, have you seen a platypus?

We could have been a species on the brink of extinction, saved (along with others) and put on the Earth which is a giant zoo or observatory?

Or it could be darker than that…maybe it’s a prison or quarantined planet to protect other beings from us?

A stockpile of resources:

The Earth could be appealing to other life forms for its natural resources?

Maybe we have unique metals, minerals or energy sources that are appealing to an alien race?

Maybe we have a food source that the visitors want to collect or indulge in…

…Maybe we’re the food source…

Whatever resources we may have, are they likely to ask our permission, trade or negotiate before taking them, or will they just help themselves or take by force?

And will they carefully monitor and control what they take, or drain the planet’s resources before moving on?

In summary:

For a species advanced enough to travel between planets, its unlikely that we have any knowledge or technology of interest to them, so the only thing of value that we may have to offer is ourselves or our planetary resources.

If this is the case, the only intelligent lifeform likely to make contact with us, is one that wants to take from us.

This is why we need to have a world leader or spokesperson in place now.

From the first moment of contact, we need to have a stable and prepared representative leading a united council of nations, ready to talk, ready to negotiate and if it came to it, ready to defend at a moment’s notice.

Maybe you're a visitor or scout from another world? An intelligent being would definitely be monitoring our internet and communications for information if curious or concerned?

If that's the case, please accept this open invitation to contact me and share your views, intentions, concerns or a friendly hello!

@paranormalpilgrim are always here to listen.

Until the next time...


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